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Pathfinder Mediation welcomes all types of mediation, advising on and settling disputes from workplace/employment, corporate battles and construction issues to emotive family, neighbourhood, landlord & tenant and personal injury disagreements.

We offer our services to individuals, solicitors, businesses, insurers and public bodies.

We passionately believe in seeking mediation at the earliest possible stage of a dispute, saving expense, time and stress by avoiding the escalation of issues through the courts and other formal processes.

Our approach is to empower all parties to move from a position of deadlock, focussing on their future aims and interests, resulting in a mutually agreed settlement.

Pathfinder Mediation's use of co-mediation techniques brings the experience of two mediators to every meeting without any additional expense.  Our clients have found co-mediation to be extremely beneficial; this when coupled with our easy access to a bank of highly experienced external consultants, provides for a greater chance of ultimate success in achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution.

" techniques bring the benefit of two mediators to every meeting without

any additional expense"

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