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1. Face to Face

Meetings are conducted in a mutually agreed, neutral setting. This is the preferred format in the majority of cases, especially for lengthier, more complex or emotive disputes.

Fees: Refer to Services & Fees.


2. Online

Online mediation is delivered through platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, thus enabling parties to be in different venues, countries or time zones. 

Confidentiality is still paramount in online mediation with considerable care taken to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, such as GDPR.

Fees: to be agreed after a full discussion with the parties to determine their requirements but typically, a mediation fee of £650 for a half day mediation may be considered.

3. Telephone

Telephone mediation may be suitable for those cases requiring only a few hours of discussion. 

Fees: £150 per party for a 2 hour telephone mediation.

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