1. Civil & Commercial

We cover a variety of civil/commercial disputes including:

• contractual issues 

• debt

• boundary

• landlord & tenant

• construction

• commercial

• neighbourhood/community

• intellectual property

• finance

• insurance

We believe seeking mediation at the earliest stage of dispute avoids Court action and thereby prevents the escalation of issues in terms of expense, time and stress.


2. Workplace & Employment

Employment mediation usually takes place when the employment relationship has ended, whereas workplace mediation applies when conflict has developed between employees and the employment relationship is likely to continue.

Here the focus is on disputes including:

• personality clashes and breakdown of working relationships

• bullying/harassment

• stress induced sickness/absence

• communication breakdowns

• line management tensions

• perceived discrimination

• boardroom/executive level disputes

Our ethos of preserving/strengthening relationships is paramount. Corporations are increasingly using this type of mediation, freeing up HR to concentrate on the many other relevant organisational matters.


3. Pro Bono Assistance

In support of local organisations and charities, Pathfinder Mediation is able to offer mediation and advice on a pro bono basis. Those wishing to find out more should contact us for further information.