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To achieve clear and proportionate fees, we always quote individually after a full discussion with you about your requirements, the complexity of the case, the ensuing preparation time, the number of parties involved, the total dispute amount and the likely length of the mediation appointment.

However, we aim to be competitive on pricing and are happy to discuss an appropriate fee. 

(*Non-monetary claims will be quoted individually.)

Typically, for a relatively straightforward two party mediation, costs per party are as follows:





Please Note:

• The amount in dispute is the value of the claim plus the value of any counterclaim, together with any legal costs if they are to be included in the dispute.

• Fees include co-mediation (providing the benefit of two mediators to every meeting), case preparation, reasonable travel costs, but exclude venue hire and overnight accommodation, if necessary.

• Mediation fees to be paid in full 5 days prior to the mediation date.

• Over-run charges are £200 per hour, unless otherwise agreed.

Such additional hour charges to be paid in full within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

• Cancellation and Postponement.

(Cancellation fees are applied as case preparation work would have been initiated.)

In the event that Pathfinder Mediation receives notification of cancellation from either party:

1. Seven days or less but more than 24 hours before the mediation was due to take place, Pathfinder Mediation will be entitled to 50% of the mediation fee.

2. 24 hours or less before the Mediation was due to take place, Pathfinder Mediation will be entitled to 75% of the mediation fee.

*Non-monetary claims include boundary, neighbour & franchise disputes and all other disputes without a monetary value.

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